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AutoFormer+ menu AutoFormer+ adds some items to browser context menu to manage form fields filling. Previous version (AutoFormer) works only in Firefox.

Quick tour

Short manual how to start with AutoFormer+.

To translators

If you want to translate AutoFormer+ to your native language send me translated fragment from gray block below.
Only red text must be translated.
"extension_description": { "message": "Automatic form filling with saved data." },
"popup_menu_autoload": { "message": "Autoload" },
"save_field": { "message": "Save this field only" },
"load_field": { "message": "Load this field only" },
"clear_field": { "message": "Clear this field data only" },
"save_all": { "message": "Save all fields" },
"load_all": { "message": "Load all fields" },
"clear_all": { "message": "Clear all saved data" }
Current supported languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Nederlands, Türkçe, Català, Dansk, Español, Italiano, Magyar, Polski, Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal), Slovenský, Suomi, Svenska, Čeština, Ελληνικά, Русский, Українська, ไทย, 中文 (简体), 日本語, 한국어,
עברית ,العربية Where AutoFormer is catched on
 — AutoFormer is translated into all state languages,  — at least one,  — is not translated


You can make a contribution in order to support this add-on.


Write questions and suggestions to autoformer.plus@gmail.com