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Known issues

There is no InFormEnter sections in the context menu
Reason 1. Input tag has new HTML5 type as "tel", "email", "number" or "url". Example — login field in Gmail ("email"). Unfortunately Firefox does not consider such fields editable and accordingly does not place sections of extensions in the context menu. This bug is present in Bugzilla. Chrome and Opera does not contain such bug.
Reason 2. Input element has attribute "contenteditable" as true. Unfortunately InFormEnter does not support text placement into such tags yet.
InFormEnter does not work on some sites
There are no marker images, but context menu contains InFormEnter section. Selected items from InFormEnter context menu are not placed into fields. Examples: addons.mozilla.org in Firefox or chrome.google.com in Chrome. Such sites restricts addons content scripts by Content-Security-Policy HTTP header. This bug is present in Bugzilla too.
For other bugs report us.