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InFormEnter+ menu InFormEnter+ adds small blue image with arrow (marker) after text input to show menu with text items for quick input.
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To translators
If you want to translate InFormEnter+ to your native language send me translated fragment from gray block below.
Only red text must be translated.
"extension_description": { "message": "Advanced form filler" },
"marker_menu_add_to_profile": { "message": "Add to profile" },
"marker_menu_add_to_profile_hint": { "message": "Press Ctrl to add to top" },
"marker_right_click_hint": { "message": "Right click to shift" },
"popup_menu_options": { "message": "Options ..." },
"popup_menu_enabled": { "message": "Enabled" },
"options_button_delete_profile": { "message": "Delete profile" },
"options_button_new_profile": { "message": "New profile" },
"options_button_export_profiles": { "message": "Export profiles" },
"options_label_select_file": { "message": "Select file for import" },
"options_button_import_profiles": { "message": "Import profiles" },
"options_hint_1": { "message": "One line is one menu item" },
"options_hint_2": { "message": "Use ## to separate input text and menu item name" },
"options_hint_3": { "message": "Use @@ to break line in multiline editboxes" },
"options_hint_4": { "message": "Use --- at line start to insert menu separator" },
"options_hint_5": { "message": "Use ~~ to separate values for pasting into several fields" },
"options_confirmation_of_delete": { "message": "Delete '@@@'?" },
"new_profile_prefix": { "message": "Profile №@@@" },
"new_profile_example_line_1": { "message": "My name" },
"new_profile_example_line_2": { "message": "My address" },
"new_profile_example_line_3": { "message": "My phone" }
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