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Quick tour
This is a short manual (by steps) how to start to use InFormEnter+.
Step 1. Open Firefox and find InFormEnter+ button in toolbar. Click it.
InFormEnter+ button in Firefox toolbar
Step 2. To setup your data select "Options" from popup menu.
InFormEnter+ popup menu in toolbar
Step 3. You will see options page with default sample data (My name, etc). Fill it by your data.
InFormEnter+ options page
Step 4. Go to page with web form and select text box - you will see small blue arrow (marker). Click it.
InFormEnter+ marker
Step 5. You will see your data in popup menu. One line in Options dialog is one menu item. Select for example your name.
InFormEnter+ marker popup menu
Step 6. You name is placed into the textbox.
InFormEnter+ is a best form filler :)
For more precise tuning read hints in Options dialog and read the help.